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MohammadReza Toroghinejad,Aboozar Taherizadeh
محمدرضا طرقی نژاد (استاد راهنما) ابوذر طاهری زاده (استاد راهنما)
Morteza Ghaedi
مرتضی قائدی


دانشکده مهندسی مواد
Master of Science (MSc)


Fabrication and Characterization of the High Entropy Alloy, FeCrNi2Cu in vacuum arc melting method and investigation of mechanical properties after recrystallization anneal
In the present study, the FeCrNi 2 Cu High Entropy Alloy (HEA) was produced by Vacuum Arc Re melting of high purity (99%) raw materials. The XRD pattern showed single FCC phase rich by Ni and minor (less than 5%) Cu rich phase in grains boundary. In order to investigation of chemical composition, microstructure and morphology, of FeCrNi2Cu, X-Ray diffraction and scanning electron microscopy have been used. Then, produced alloy were hot rolled, cold rolled and annealed and after that, the microstructure and morphology of samples were investigated. Afterwards, tensile test, micro hardness, and shear paunch test have been carried out.. It has been found that, the hardness of cold rolled sample was more than casted and annealed samples. The micro hardness of 98% cold rolled sample was more than two times of as cast sample. Also shear paunch results indicated that, yield and ultimate strength of 98% cold rolled samples was 2.83 times more than the as cast samples. Recrystallization process was modeled with Minitab software by using area under engineering stress-strain curve based on time and temperature factors then, temperature- time regression equation was extracted. It was found that, optimal annealing time and temperature for maximum stress-strain area was 100 minutes and 970 ? c. Keywords: High Entropy Alloy, Vacuum Arc Melting, Hot Roll, Cold Roll, Mechanical Properties,
در این پژوهش آلیاژ آنتروپی بالا FeCrNi 2 Cu با استفاده از روش ذوب قوسی تحت خلاء و مواد اولیه با خلوص 99درصد تولید شد. نتایج آزمون پراش پرتو ایکس این آلیاژ نشان داد که ساختار این آلیاژ دارای تک فاز FCC غنی از نیکل و مقادیر جزئی (کمتر از 5 درصد) فاز غنی از مس در مرزدانه­ها است

ارتقاء امنیت وب با وف بومی